Welcome to the Daylight Builder Community!


What’s a Daylight Builder? (And do I get a hard hat and a tool belt?) 

As a Daylight Builder, you’re one of the first in a team of superstars that are helping us to build the first digital bank for the LGBT+ community in the USA. 

The Daylight Builder Mantra is this:

“We’re building a safe space for our money that we’re proud of – it’s unapologetically queer and uniquely ours.”

You’ll get plenty of opportunities to input, prioritize features and to try out things before anyone else. We’ll also be offering our Daylight Builders recognition and perks (but the hard hats will have to wait). 

As a bonus for our Daylight Builders your digital card is ready for you to in the Daylight App to use online and with Apple Pay / Google Pay as soon as you sign up. We’ve also given you a small token of our appreciation (in the form of some free money!) in your account so you don’t have to wait for your ACH top-up to arrive.

What can I expect?

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a digital bank. That means that while we’ve done our best to make sure you’ve got a polished experience, there will inevitably be some features that don’t behave as expected. There are three things we want you to remember:

  1. Your money is always safe – even if your balance is displayed weirdly on the app, our underlying banking platform will always keep track of your money. If something doesn’t seem right let us know and we’ll correct the bug so you’re never out of pocket.
  2. Be picky (but patient) – we’ll be releasing new features and making tweaks weekly and we need to know what you think. The best thing you can do is tell us when things don’t behave as you’d expect, or where we can improve. We’ll be actively tracking your feedback and working our way through the list. The patient part is important too – we’re going to try new things and sometimes we’ll get things wrong. So please be patient while we get things fixed.
  3. Daylight is your canvas – let’s queer it up! – we’re building Daylight our way which means that you get to help us turn our blank canvas into a vibrant, exciting queer space. As a Daylight Builder, you’re in the driving seat. We want to hear your suggestions and priorities for new features and tweaks. Don’t be afraid to ask for things you wouldn’t expect from a traditional bank!

What do I get out of it? 

You’re a Daylight Builder for life! Aside from the bragging rights of helping build the first LGBT+ digital bank in the USA, as we grow, we’ll be offering Builders unique discounts, limited edition Daylight cards, invites to events and recognition directly within the Daylight app. We’ll even be rolling out a Builder badge for your profile (hard hats included).