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Hi everyone! This is Alan Breslaw, the Head of Community here at Daylight, and I want to hear from you! As Daylight continues to evolve and the community grows, it‘s important we are talking about the topics affecting your life. It would be super to hear about the hot topics in your financial life and what you are focused on, or any new roadblocks that are presenting themselves. If it’s happening to you, it’s probably happening to someone else in the community. Send your emails to I look forward to hearing from you!


Inspire The Community: Tell Your Story Today!

This week at Daylight we are focused on saving money, setting goals and achieving dreams. We want to hear from you! Send us a short 20 second video telling us what you are saving for and why? Send your videos to and your video could be posted on our social channels. Let’s inspire each other and reach higher as a community ❤️ Team Daylight ❤️


How Are You Handling The Pandemic?

We have been dealing with the mental, physical and social effects of the pandemic for more than a year. It’s been a hard and challenging year with a lot of changes to our everyday lives. How are you holding up? Share your thoughts and feelings with the community below!


Weekly Daylight Data 🤯

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Top Daylight Vacation Destinations

Everyone is dreaming of and preparing for their first post-Covid vacation, and Daylight users are no different. As of today, the top destinations you all are saving for are: Mexico, The United Kingdom, Las Vegas, and Vancouver!

Where do you want to go and have you started a goal to save for it?


Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

We heard you. When you signed on to join the Daylight community, you answered our questions about your deepest goals and desires, as well as where you see yourself. First and foremost, thank you! We appreciate your willingness to share, and that openness is what makes this an amazing network within which to grow your net worth. And we heard your collective groan just now – what net worth? If you’re like many of us, you saw your savings drained by the unexpected side effects of the global pandemic, or your investments took a hit, and while the stock market is very fickle, you’re feeling less and less confident. You’re looking for reassurance about what we’ve been raised to believe are basic life goals: that every person should have a car in the garage and a chicken in their pot. How do you be mindful of celebrating where you are – alive – while continuing to pursue your personal milestones?

Depending on your age range, you may have been influenced in different ways and expect different outcomes in the near future. Millennials (64% of our registered responders in that bracket) were more likely to go after home ownership and aspire to starting a family soon. Gen X and Baby Boomers are aiming for more or better vacations and aging gracefully. Gen Z meanwhile has their eye on gender transitions and could use some pep talking and reassurance about the state of our world.

All valid, all vulnerable, and all valued. Given the state of the real estate market, while home prices and interest rates may be historically low, so was the inflation on our salaries and savings’ yields within the last year… if we are still employed. First, take a deep breath and remember that if you’re tempted to harangue yourself about basic things you feel you should’ve accomplished by now, just add the words: “in a global pandemic” to the end of the sentence and give yourself a break. You’ve possibly become incredibly intimate with the four walls you call home, whether you live alone or with family, chosen family, or roommates, and the odds are ever in your favor that you may be spending even more time at home at least for another few months. So how do you deal with the very real derailment of your dreams? Even if it’s temporary, even though it’s frustrating, let’s aim for gratitude.

What are some low-cost ways to re-appreciate your space in the interim? Redecorate sparingly, or enjoy a little staycation, a deliberate break from your Groundhog Day-like routine. 

If your budget can barely be stretched as it is, simply move your furniture around. The change in perspective as you enter a room will catch you unaware a few times, and can make the room feel new-ish again. 

If you do have more room in your budget and missed the boom in plant parenting among the cooped-up in 2020, now’s a great time to introduce yourself to a budding baby. Plus, when you’re back on track, your commitment and dedication to the beauty of flora and fauna will be a lovely reminder of your tenacity. Take a plant personality quiz and pick a plant that suits you and your attention span. Place them in a position of prominence in the apartment or home you rent and give it the same attention you’d give a puppy. 

If larger animals are forbidden but small ones are allowed in your apartment, consider a reptile, gerbil, or rabbit. You’d be surprised how many fantastic small animal toys are out there, and your place will literally be their whole world. 

Alternately, if your health and welfare won’t permit a live companion, or you genuinely know that you won’t want to assume financial responsibility for sudden emergencies of the furry variety, go ahead and plan that staycation – more on that here.

We know that a house is more than a place to sleep – it’s a place to build memories, enjoy quality time with your loved ones, and to retreat from the calamities of the outside world. Having a secure place to lay your head is a burden off your mind and heart, but it’s even more amazing when you have fabulous folx or fur babies or fauna to share it with. Or just you! Enjoy your own company even more while you’re at it. You deserve it!


7 Ways Daylight Builders Can Maximize Their Experience Plus Earn An Extra $5!

Calling all Daylight Builders! You’ve joined the first ever LGBT+ bank, and the fun is just beginning. And just in case you need any extra motivation to get started, anyone who funds their account for the first time gets $5 courtesy of Team Daylight. Finally, we decided to do our best Ariana impression and give you 7 things you can do to get the most out of our features and help the community grow. 

  1. Set up a monthly Direct Deposit: That’s the easiest way to keep your account funded, save towards your goals, and pay bills.
  2. Fund your account with a transfer: Money makes the world go round, and you can use your Daylight card anywhere Visa is accepted, which is pretty much everywhere.
  3. Set up a savings goal: Setting up goals and saving money towards them is the fastest way to achieve your dreams and keep up with your progress.
  4. Make Daylight your default card in your virtual wallet: Breeze through checkouts whether you’re buying an iced latte or the new Lady Gaga Oreos.
  5. Join the conversation in the ‘Our Community’ tab: At Daylight you are part of a larger community and we want to hear from you! 
  6. Tell a friend (or two): Bring your friends into the community as we grow and expand in 2021. Contact us via our in-app support or email us at to bump your friends up our waitlist.

Let us know what you think: We want to hear from you and your feedback is greatly appreciated. Drop us a note through our in-app support or email us at This is banking by the community for the community, after all.


What to Do When You’ve Become Your Own Entertainment Committee

Entertainment industries took quite a hit in 2020. While our disabled friends have long had to deal with the indignities of events ignoring health and safety protocols, last year these industry oversights became a direct concern for many more of us.. Gone are the closely-felt thrills of concerts and festivals, and, in their place, live-streaming and fan-favorite content are rising to new heights. 

As musicians and other creatives adjust sharply to this new reality, there’s been a much-needed boost in competition for problem-solvers and platforms that cater to all kinds of audiences. Now is as good a time as any to reallocate entertainment funds where and when you can. So, where do you put your hard-earned bucks as you navigate the monotony of life with fewer live events? 

The first thing to do is take a look at how much you were really spending on live concerts and in-person experiences. How much did you spend on entertainment in 2019? That may not be the easiest thing to figure out unless you’re in the small minority of people who enjoy tracking their spending. But, if you need to ballpark it, consider all of the details that went into a night, weekend, or even week-long experience. This includes things like:

  • Transportation
  • Tickets
  • Food and drinks
  • Staying at a hotel, hostel, or rental if you needed lodging

That money became freer in 2020.  Now that you’ve lived almost a whole year without sponsored gatherings — we hope — consider alternatives to seeing performers and keeping your spending under control. Could that transportation moolah be reallocated to regular everyday savings? Can you see yourself paying rent a month earlier than you normally do? Or even buying some merchandise with additional funds and putting the rest away? 

You can fondly remember the joy of seeing Taylor Bennett or Ahya Simone while wearing a sweatshirt or tee around your place and buttering toast for endless brunch. Even better, while high-yield savings’ accounts interest rates took quite a tumble last year, you can still make your money work for you by transferring a higher amount than usual into your retirement accounts, or into a short-term CD (certificate of deposit) account with guaranteed returns. 

Consider investing the funds into an entertainment startup, or intentionally focusing on giving a percentage of your recreational dough to artists’ funds, or mutual aid funds. We also suggest continuing to support your favorite artists to the best of your abilities – consider kicking a few coins directly to artists you love using platforms that cater to fans and artists alike. Not every event, venue, or space will be coming back unfortunately, but you can still donate in memory of more enjoyable times.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re spending with care and intention. And, however you redirect your economic attention span, remember that this same situation can spark innovation. Have you considered starting a home-based small business, or reinvesting in a hobby that brings you joy? Reallocating your entertainment budget is an opportunity to shift your relationship to money, investment, or your long-term savings goals, so keep your mind and heart set on getting through this experience with gratitude. This season won’t last forever, but the changes you implement now can change the trajectory of your savings for years to come. And you will probably see some of your favorite acts again – just be flexible about when, where, and how, and you’ll get through this.


Team Spotlight: Alan Breslaw (Head of Community)

Alan is the new Head of Community with more than 20 years of experience in marketing and working for queer companies. He was the Head Of Sales & Marketing at PlanetRomeo (Amsterdam) & the Director of Revenue for Hornet app and most recently Head of Community Management at LOVOO in Germany. Alan is super excited to bring his many years of working in the queer space and marketing to help bring Daylight to the wider community. 

What steps led you to Daylight?

A few years ago I was living in LA managing my own consulting company fresh off a start up that didn’t make it. A mutual friend introduced me to Rob who was working on his own start up in the UK. We had several discussions about his start up and the queer community, though shortly after I got wrapped in my consulting business. I always kept my eye on Rob and what he was working on. When 2021 kicked off I was ready for something more and reconnected with Rob. Six weeks later here we are on the same team finally going in the same direction. I’m super excited. 

When was the first time you thought about money?

I was 13 and just Bar Mitzvah’d where family often gives you money. I did receive the most I’d ever even dreamed of to that point ($1000) and spent it all on the newest computer of the time, the Apple IIC. I then realized that the bigger things you want will take money, and that money won’t always just come to you.

What was your ‘aha’ moment with money?

My first job out of college. I went through college with loans and some family support so it was fantasy land. The minute I got out of college and worked my first 40 hour week, I only earned $300 gross and quickly learned the value of money. As you know, $300 doesn’t take you so far and at that point I had to learn how think carefully about every dollar I spent (before i spent it, not after! lol). 

What do you do outside of work?

In normal non-Covid times: exercise, eat healthy 90% of the time (gotta have some fun), travel and hang out with friends. Travel is a big focus for me as it gets me out of my comfort zone. Through travel I learn about different cultures plus their history, art, and food.

Favorite LGBT+ business 

Lockwood51 – Los Angeles: Fun queer clothing store in my old hood (Silverlake). Sexy designs, witty T’s and more.

Ostbahnoff – A Los Angeles party that bridges the gap between queer: music, art, and political communities. What I love about this party is that the trans community and communities of color are made to feel especially welcome in a world that often prioritizes cis gays. 

Let’s make Alan feel welcome by telling us your favorite queer businesses in the comments section below.


What It Means to Not Compromise on Your Banking

As LGBTQIA+ folx, we are taught early and often to compromise by the wider culture and society. Compromise what you can expect out of life, who you can hope to be, or who you can spend your life with. 

Why do you have to be so hard nosed about your pronouns? 

Isn’t everyone just a little bit queer? 

Have you given any thought to, you know, toning down this whole loud-and-proud thing? 

But you dug in your heels and sometimes wonderfully, sometimes painfully, stuck with who you know you are. You’re a rockstar!

And now you’re tackling your finances with confidence. You’re navigating budgets, understanding your savings options more and more, and demanding the respect you deserve just for being you.

And that’s where we come in – ahem – or out. We take traditional financial experiences and make them not merely LGBTQ-friendly but optimized. We offer mobile banking options that honor your chosen names regardless of your official IDs, we are already integrated into major banking and retailers with Google Pay and Apple Pay, and we give you access to anywhere the VISA network is accepted. Are you saving up for top or bottom surgery, a surrogacy, or that fabulous LGBTQ+ conference next summer? Now there’s no need to hide yourself or your goals from your bank.

And that’s not all. We’re proud to offer community. That means you can:

  • Share your goals and get authentic advice from people who’ve been there
  • Access content about the most important money matters affecting our community
  • Shoutout your successes and celebrate with the community

Here at Daylight, we provide connectedness and understanding. For every step LGBT folx take in being recognized and supported – openly holding Federal office, serving on corporate boards, demonstrating leadership in their wider communities, fighting for more and more protections and rights – we still run into the day to day micro-aggressions that remind us of our collective histories.

As progressive as banking likes to appear in advertising, the actual process of signing up and opening of accounts is still very much rooted in culture that is historically white supremacist, patriarchal, and homophobic. Nowadays we can add anti-queer and transphobic to the list. If you identify as a woman, up until the 1970s here in the United States, you couldn’t access or open a bank account without the permission of a cisgender heterosexual man. And if you’ve ever tried to open an account with your same-sex partner, then you know you’re going to encounter language that is geared towards heterosexual partnerships. Some bisexual, queer, and even transgender couples can maneuver inside of this framework with fewer issues – and that’s a separate story – but for many in our LGBTQ+ family, that isn’t how their relationships work. We come in all stripes and from all backgrounds!

Our team reflects our diversity of queer experiences, and we value empathy and mutual respect above all else. We aren’t here to judge your past, the habits you’re growing into, or your long-term desires – the world does enough of that. We’re here to build a bridge between you, your money, and your best life! So join us, won’t you?