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Change is hard.


Change is hard and doesn’t happen overnight. We are firm believers that through open communication, education, and challenging conversations, we’re able to do more to change our system from within than from the sidelines. As disruptors within an industry that is not inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community, we are committed to taking chances to form alliances with financial services companies that are willing to think progressively and welcome the queer community.

We do not take decisions about who we work with lightly. Daylight and our whole team abhor and reject political action that seeks to undermine the rights and lives of LGBTQ+ people.

Metabank is a third-party provider of banking services to Daylight. They neither own a stake in our business nor fund our business in any way. It is untrue to label their political contributions as anti-LGBTQ+ as funds were distributed to both Democratic and Republican candidates that aligned with their core mission: financial inclusion. Not their LGBTQ+ stance. We have been aware of the voting records of the politicians supported by Metabank’s PAC for some months, and understand how they select the candidates they support, and the balance of donations made. While we disagree on some of the politicians their PAC has supported in the past, our collaboration is already doing the hard work of changing the system for the benefit of LGBTQ+ people.

Through our partnership, Daylight and Metabank are providing the first bank account in the USA that is fully trans inclusive – allowing Daylight customers to have a card in their chosen name, irrespective of what their legal ID says thus eliminating abuse, threats of violence and refusal of service for trans and non-binary folks that are forced to use a card in their old gender presentation when making purchases in store.

Outside of this, already in 2021 Daylight contributed $18,917 to our community, including $9,067 to trans-focused mutual aid funds and a further $5,000 toward supporting LGBTQ+ centers and cultural performances. We have supported causes such as For the Gworls, The Next Generation Project, Ali Forney Centre, HRT Access Fund at Point of Pride and The Transgender District (Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program) and will continue to reinvest in causes that are important to our members.

As we continue to address the injustices in our financial systems and educate our corporate partners, we hope to be able to showcase more of these efforts as we grow from a fledgling start-up to a well-grounded banking service for all over the coming years.