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Money Stories: T Moore (Quench Finance)

T Moore is the founder of Quench Finance. An androfemme blaq bicoastal writer, social entrepreneur, and activist deeply passionate about promoting diversity, inclusion and equity. She has been published in Womanly, ContemporaryAnd, Black Art in America, RECOGNIZE Design Anthology vol. 1, and Shameless Magazine.

When was the first time you thought about money?

The first time I thought about money was when I received a piggy bank as a child. I enjoyed collecting the change I found around the house and outside while playing.

What was your “aha” moment with money?

There was no big “aha” moment with me. I’m a person of faith (fully affirming) and I’ve been walking in recovery in multiple senses for some years now. I became conscious of wanting to change my habits with money through prayer and learning discipline in other areas of my life.

I grew up with some resources and access to business and real estate environments due to my grandmother’s interests but the day-to-day basics were missing. I could handle investing and making long-term commitments but I lacked the discipline and emotional resources to sustain them in the short term.

So much of this year has been about hitting reset with reapproaching budgeting, working with a coach, and other mindset adjustments.

How has being LGBT+ impacted your relationship with money?

I have grown more comfortable with seeing queer folx in leadership and business roles which in turn enhanced my view of myself. While I succeeded repeatedly, I also failed forward repeatedly.

Seeing and joining entrepreneurship communities that were either LGBT-founded or driven helped stabilize my internal view that as a queer person I was only authorized to succeed in certain ways (creative only). Being able to befriend queer creatives as well as business leaders has expanded my mindset significantly. This gave me more confidence with financial planning. On one hand, I’ve relearned budgeting and personal habits, and on the other hand, I’ve learned about team building and long-term vision.

What are your financial goals for the future?

My goals are to create and sustain a legacy that draws from different areas, including developing and sharing community with other queer folx who often feel (and are) left out of the conversations surrounding life events.

In so many ways, queer folx, even within the wider LGBTQIA+ communities aren’t being considered when it comes to things like insurance, estate planning, partnerships, adoption, and business plans. We’re often too busy surviving brutal forms of capitalism and living underserved experiences.

Favorite LGBT+ business (online or ILR)?

I have had great experiences working with Q26 based here in greater LA. I also really love the Androgynous Fox brand and look forward to purchasing their fantastic gear.

On the faith side, I am an avid user of the OurBibleApp both their queer centric devotionals and curated panels are well worth exploring

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