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Money Stories: Brynna Wilson

Brynna Wilson is a professional wealth creator, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and coach. She is on the board of the Denver based Queer Business Alliance as well as the Jamin Fund.

The Queer Business Alliance is a non profit dedicated to raising the queer community by providing education around business and through mentorship. Brynna leads the membership committee and loves connecting  with business owners in the community. The Jamin Fund is also a non profit started by Brynna’s family in honor of her oldest brother, Jamin Wilson, after his passing in 2006. The Jamin Fund supports education both locally (in Denver) and globally. The Jamin Fund has helped to build schools in Kenya as well as provide education funding in other parts of the world.

Brynna, a Colorado native, enjoys the outdoors, and loves dogs. Her top values are connection, creativity, authenticity, wellness, and adventure. She has a BA from the College of Charleston in South Carolina and constantly seeks out opportunities to learn.

When was the first time you thought about money?

The first time I thought about money was when I was told that I could get paid to pull dandelion flowers out of the grass. It was something small that I can’t remember, maybe 10 cents for a bucket full. I was so excited to find a way to make some money and it worked really well for me because I got to be outside which is still to this day my favorite place to be.

What was your “aha” moment with money?

I think I have had a lot of “aha” moments with money because I am constantly learning new things that work for me. A big “aha” though was realizing we all have a money story that we run over and over again without knowing it. Most money stories are something that we learned or took on as children. After doing some self work I realized that my money story was that I was being over generous so I will fit in with a group. When I was a child, I felt as though I was known as the “rich kid” simply because everyone I went to school with knew about my family’s business and it was successful. I didn’t feel like I fit in so I would get rid of my money, buy things for others in order to fit in and not be an outcast. It’s amazing what can change when you are more aware of why you do what you do. I now know that I can find other ways to have deeper connections with people and I can take control of how I spend my money.

How has being LGBT+ impacted your relationship with money?

The biggest impact for me in regards to being LGBT+ is that I haven’t seen a lot of role models with money in the community. We all have seen the movie stars who have made it but there are not many LGBT+ business owners or successful ones who are also out. We as a community want to see people who have made it to where we want to be. It’s easier to picture yourself as successful in the world of money when you can also see someone who is like you that has achieved it.

What are your financial goals for the future?

I have a lot of financial goals and they change as I grow. As a big picture I want to be that role model that I have been looking to find when it comes to being LGBT+ and being wealthy. I want to be a multi-millionaire so that I can then use the “power” that comes with money to help my own community thrive. I want to see more LGBT+ businesses start and succeed. I want to make sure that nonprofits that help our community get the donations that they need in order to do their best work. I want to be able to have money go towards our fight as a community in the political scene. The best way for these things to happen is for all of us in the community to learn the rules of the game so that we can then use it to our advantage and make more money to support each other.

On a more specific level, one of my goals is to own multiple rental properties. Ideally, a few of these would cater to people in the community that are just starting their own businesses so the rent would fit in their budget as they start out. I was lucky to have support when starting out and I want to be sure that others have the same even if it’s just a safe space to live.

Favorite LGBT+ business (online or ILR)?

I have a lot of LGBT+ businesses I love, particularly businesses that my friends have started and grown. There should be more businesses owned by the LGBT+ community. One of my favorite organizations that supports this is the Queer Business Alliance, a non profit that specializes in mentoring people in the community into starting and sustaining their own businesses so we can have even more! I know it’s important for a lot of people to feel like they have freedom to be their authentic selves including myself. One amazing way for that to happen is to have business owners who can employ people in the LGBT+ community so that they no longer have to worry about losing their jobs just because of who they are.

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