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Money Stories: Adam Haviar

Adam is part of VacuumLabs, Daylight’s technology partner. He’s previously worked with O2, one of the largest telecommunication providers, where he worked with the board of directors on customer experience projects. Prior to this, he worked at numerous tech startups and launched two mentoring programs; one to support a local student community and other to develop future leaders across various industries. He is very passionate about topics like coaching and mentoring and sports of virtually any kind!

When was the first time you thought about money?

The first time I thought of money was when I was around 2-3 years old and my mum came from an expo in Italy and brought me back this colorful children wallet from “United Colors of Benetton”. I did not understand the concept of money very much but I knew that this is a wallet and money should be inside. Therefore, my only concern was to have something to fill in my new wallet and I succeeded with some first coins from my father. 

What was your “aha” moment with money?

When I was 5 years old my brother and I admired all the combat fighters in all action movies available, so naturally one day my brother decided to build a trap in our backyard. He dug a hole and covered it by branches and leaves to catch and intruder that would step on our backyard. I was too little to operate a shovel and I could not follow my older brother to build a trap on my own.

Having some pocket money saved up from grandma and occasionally shopping cart coin that has been forgotten in my lap I bought the trap that my brother build off him. When my father came home, he was not too happy about the hole in the backyard and I (the new owner of the property) became responsible for shoveling the grave back to cover the hole. The worst purchase I ever made. So far. 

What do you do outside of work?

I run a small non-profit organization that focuses on mentoring final year university students to help them facilitate the turbulent period of finishing their studies and taking a leap into a work environment. Playing basketball was always my great passion that filled most of my time while growing up, despite not being so frequent nowadays I still like to get out there and play with a fun group of people.

I also collect LP records, which is something that has been passionate about since I was 15 years old. Lastly, I enjoy spending my time (and money, haha) traveling, getting to know new cultures, habits, and cuisines across the globe. 

Favorite LGBT+ business?

I’m a big fan of what StartOut does, who are an LGBTQ non-profit to promote LGBTQ equality and combat discrimination in the business world.

Billie Simmons

By Billie Simmons

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